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W La Libertad



W La Libertad

Fotografie di protesta

22 stories of protest, told through the images of 22 photographers who, animated by passion, justice and hope, shed light on the darkness of exploitation, repression and violence, and helped to give visibility to the transformative power of collective resistance movements: Banana workers, Paolo Gasparini, Robert Lebeck, Kazuo Kitai, Jean Pierre Rey, Armindo Cardoso, Aurelio Gonzáles, Marcelo Montecino, Tano D’Amico, Maryam Zandi, Günter Zint, Paola Agosti, Margarita Isabel Montealegre, Eduardo Longoni, Gideon Mendel, Dario Mitidieri, Gani Xhengo, Meraj Ud Din, Pedro Valtierra, Luca Nizzoli Toetti, Robert Dunn, Laura El-Tantawy.

English translation: Daphne Kasriel Alexander
graphic design: Lorenzo Allas De Beni
cover graphic design:  Prensa La Libertad (Buenos Aires)
2024, languages: Italian /English
20×30 cm, 140 pages, 1000 copies
ISBN: 9788831363440

 Magazine   Photonews Deutschland   February 2024

Photonews 03 2024

 Interview by Silvia Gaetti about my research on Protest books around the world

Artphilein Dossier 4 – Against Power and Privileges: Women’s Voices


The fourth Dossier introduces a new research approach that involves comparing Artphilein Library photobooks with another collection of books: Protest in Photobook, a platform curated by Luciano Zuccaccia, dedicated to protests worldwide as seen through the photobooks in his private collection.This dialogue between collections of photographic books touches upon two different areas: the public sphere of street protests and the private domain of the female body and intimacy, where women express their claims. These protests are captured through the lenses of female photographers.The volumes selected from the Protest in Photobook collection bear witness to protests from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries around the world, with particular attention to the 1960s and 1970s, Latin American and Italian publishing, but not limited to them. They include protests from the Arab Spring, Kurdistan, Angola, India, to name but a few.In response, Artphilein Library’s selection focuses on publications predominantly created after the year 2000, in which women articulate their demands through their bodies: a liberated, young or mature body that transcends censorship and gender stereotypes.

Published by Artphilein Editions october 2023 

Artist: Amina Zoubir

Text:Giulia Brivio, Caterina De Pietri, Jana Caroline Reimer, Luciano Zuccaccia

graphic design: Vittoria Fragapane
2024, language: English
20,25 ×23 cm, 72 pages, 250 copies
ISBN: 9791280830197