He has always been engaged in photographing places and landscape and has done several photographic essay including:
‘Gente di sponda’, on the lives of the fisherman of the Bolsena Lake, (photographies magazine 1996) ‘Scopri il verde che è in te’ with Tuscia University – Botanic Garden in Viterbo, a research between youth and nature.This book (published in 2001) won the Orvieto Fotografia award for landscape pictures for book published in that year.Some pictures of “Scopri il verde che è in te “are in the photographic archives of the ‘Bibliothèque Nationale de France’ in Paris.’Soca-Isonzo’, nel 2002, for Consorzio Culturale Monfalconese (Gorizia) a photographic landscape project around Isonzo river.This research has been shown and published in Prato nel 2003 for Archivio Fotografico Toscano.Vegnerà un cristo? nel 2003. Photographic workshop for theatrical opera for ‘Teatro di Roma’. In this work he is the assisten of Maurizio Buscarino.Actually he is engaged in a landscape documentary project in Abruzzo in particular for the Comunità Montana della Maielletta, it is a start for a photographic archive for the new Centro di Documentazione del Territorio.

For several years he has had an interest in photobooks as collector and student and has formed a specialized collection, he is a publisher curator and be part as juror in Photobook competition. 

He gives lectures about photobook for university, associations and photographic schools. The Lectures concerns the photobook in every way,  about its history, technical aspects as well as to analyse the most important photobook already published.

Has just been published the essay  “Un mondo di libri, riflessioni sui progetti fotografici d’autore” Ed. Postcart series Postwords,  in which is analysed the relationship between photographers and photobook, that now is a fundamental part of photographic history to which the author give their  art forever. Interviews developed during the last ten years to:  Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mimmo Jodice, Guido Guidi, Roberto Salbitani, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Vincenzo Castella, Nicola Lorusso, Antonio Biasiucci, Raffaela Mariniello, Leonardo Sonnoli, Lucia Baldini e Paolo Ventura.

Some photo of him are part of permanent and private collections of following art museums including: Bibliothèque Nationale de France di Parigi; CRAF Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione di Spilimbergo; Archivio Prima Luce collection Roberto Salbitani.

His work has been presented in several publications and magazines, principaly in Italy.


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