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From january 2021 starts the lessons on Photocoach.it

you can order a session with me choosing one-to-one or in streaming.  

On PhotoCoach you can find the best professional on photography and you have the possibility to get in contact with them through several dedicated services

Come  in to discover the new opportunity of Photocoach in order to improve your photography, if you want to became a professional or to have fun.



start today a new platform for photo-books


instagram:   protestinphotobook

this  platform, through the vision of the books in my collection, wants to generate, question and promote the visual culture linked to protest photo-books in the world and enable students, collectors and experts to broaden their knowledge,the platform will regularly publish publications and interviews in a crescendo of information

you are invited to spread the site and to inform me of editorial news and other related to protest photo-books

Selection of publications designed

Filippo Sproviero, Tre minuti e niente flash, Futura libri, Perugia, 2023


Giuseppe Cardoni, In and out of the ring, Self publishing, Marsciano, 2023



Pino Ninfa , Entrada Proibida, cronache amazzoniche, Self publishing, Milano, 2022


Valeria PieriniLimbo Land,  BAM, 2022

IMG_3557 copia

 Giuseppe Cardoni, Passione per lo sportCLT Terni, 2021


 Pino Ninfa , Breve sogno Eritreo di Tekle Mandar, Self publishing, Milano, 2020  


Enzo Trifolelli, Il Ritorno degli Etruschi, Edizioni Il Castello, Soriano nel Cimino, 2020


Giuseppe Cardoni, Vita e Morte – Rapsodia Messicana, Self publishing, Marsciano, 2020  

copertina web

Daniela di Sarra, La Sindone e Bernini, Self publishing, Roma, 2018   

Di sarra

Luciano Zuccaccia, PersepolisSelf publishing, Montefiascone, 2017


Roberto Salbitani, Dedicato ad Anita, Orizzonte degli Eventi, Roma, 2015